It is the employer responsibility to calculate the tax and national insurance contributions (NIC) of its employee, and then withhold this from the worker wage or salary and submit the withheld money to HMRC on the employee’s behalf.

Furthermore, each business is also responsible to pay an additional employer’s NIC.

How important is a payroll service for a company?

It is important for the employer to make sure that he calculates figures correctly to make payments to the employee as well as to the HMRC. If the tax and NIC figures are not calculated correctly, you could either way pay the HMRC more than you must or pay less than you must. In the worse scenario for paying less than you have to the HMRC, this could amount for misconduct amounting to paying more interests and penalties.

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By combining chartered professional accountants, state of the art cloud accounting software and a modern mindset, we help move your accounting out of the dark ages into the future.

What we offer to support your Payroll service?

KAS will register your business as an employer and request from your employees to fill out starter forms. Your business must tell us the rate of pay and the hours your employees have worked on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

Payroll is the government legal requirements for all businesses employing a worker to comply with. It is one of the most critical function in employment that affect both the employer as well as the employees. At KAS, we take away this this legal burden from your shoulders and your employees by using our comprehensive Payroll service. We will calculate the tax, NIC’s and all filings and RTI for your business, run your payslips function for your business, process your employees’ regular payslips, deal with sick pay, maternity pay and all the year-end statutory reporting requirements; As well as submitting your end of year returns to HMRC and provide P60’s to your employees at the end of the year. KAS offers extended services to your business with a comprehensive payroll processing service from only £50 per month for up to 10 employees, which range from:

  • Process payroll regularly;
  • Produce and print payslips;
  • Process all adjustments;
  • Take instruction from the Client and process them through payroll;
  • Manage the Software;
  • Ensure software is up to date with current legislation;
  • Calculate SMP, SSP, Tax Credits, Student Loans, Benefits (e.g. Cars), Tax changes, P45, P46, P35, P11d, all other payroll calculations;
  • Process Payroll through your Accounts and track payments to employees;
  • Online filing;
  • RTIP35, P14, P45, P11D’s are charged at a special price each.
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